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Lori Ann Shrotman  

A Family Tribute

Lori Ann Shrotman
1966 - 2006 

     In 1966, a daughter was born in Long Beach to Phil and Sue Shrotman and they named her Lori Ann. First granddaughter and niece to the Davis-Shrotman families, Lori was truly cherished. 

     As Lori grew up, everyone knew she had qualities that were unique and instantly admired. She attended Mark Twain Elementary and Hoover Middle School encompassing a sophisticated style and fashion sense! At Lakewood High School, Lori excelled in academics and tennis. When she attended LBCC and UCLA she was recognized for her intelligence and grace, her humor and her beauty. 

     Her academic interest matured into a corporate dedication in the 90's when Lori joined Long Beach based Lacerte Corporation prior and during their move to Dallas, Texas. Lori excelled in her position as a software designer and remained in Dallas as Intuit Inc. acquired her exemplary skills in a business buyout. During these years in Dallas, Lori traveled extensively with dear friends and coworkers loving warm, tropical locations best. 

     In the summer of 2000, Lori was diagnosed with breast cancer. She returned to Long Beach, residing in Naples, and began her treatment under the care and dedication of Dr. John Link and his wonderful staff. 

     During the next 6 years, Lori brought a gentle strength and gracefulness to chemotherapy treatments, surgeries, and continuous medical follow-ups as she walked the delicate balance between being cured and being back in the fight. Instead of internalizing the exhausting horror of such a journey, Lori found humor. In replacement of self-pity, she demonstrated strength. To those friends and family around her, she offered the optimism of hope. 

     We have all known a champion. Lori Shrotman gave us someone to look up to. She will always be a woman who exhibited dauntless strength, a friend filled laughter and wit, a sister possessing compassion and warmth, and a daughter who was simply admired and adored. The lives of her family and friends will be enriched for knowing her and painfully empty from her passing which occurred, surrounded by those who loved her, on December 26, 2006 in Naples. 

     Sue and Phil Shrotman and Jill Shrotman-Moore request that in lieu of flowers, donations to honor Lori be sent to: 

     Breast Cancer Care and Research Fund 
     6022 Wilshire Blvd. 
     #201 Los Angeles, Ca. 

     Lori's memorial service and burial will be held at Forest lawn Memorial Park in Cypress on Tuesday, January 2, 2007 at 9:00 AM. 

     Published in the Long Beach Press-Telegram on 12/29/2006.

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